SIPF 2018-参赛指引

Entry Rules 参赛规则

(1) The works created in 2015.7- 2018.7 are admitted to the contest.

(2) The number of entries is not more than 5 pieces. Series is considered as one.

(3) All participation is free of charge.

(4) Please submit your works through, Works in all categories should be submitted as digital files, size: no exceed 1000 pixel on the larger side, JPG 150dpi in RGB color format.

(5) All fields must be filled in English or Chinese only. Characters in other languages are not allowed. Works will not be accepted if they do not meet technical requirements and terms of participation.

(6) You will receive an automatic notification if works are successfully uploaded.

(7) Shortlisted entries will be announced on the Poster Festival website after August 31, 2018. Participants will be informed by e-mail at the same time. High resolution image files of entries and printed copies will be asked to send to the address indicated in the letters.

(8) Printed copies of selected works must be sent by post. Entry label, entry form and Postal address will be sent by e-mail personally to those participants whose works have been selected by Pre-Selection Committee. The designer will print label and attach it to the lower corner on the reverse of each poster. The entry form must be signed by the contestant and sent to the organizing committee with the work.

(9) The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage during transport. Please label the package“PRINTED MATTER, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”. Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration or invoice. Postage and all other incidental expenses are to be defrayed by participants.

(10) All submitted works will remain in the SIPF Organization Committee.. Organizers have the right to exhibit, collect, publish, photograph and reprint for non-commercial purposes. The author who sent the works to the contest thereby are deemed to agree with the terms and conditions of the competition.

(11) The author guarantees that the submitted and the exhibition works do not breach intellectual property rights of any third person. The organizer will not be held liable for any breach of proprietary rights.

□ 参赛作品必须是2015.7-2018.7年间创作的作品;

□ 参赛作品最多不超过五件,系列作品按单件计。

□ 参赛免费。

□ 线上提交电子作品,网址:http://www.ipf-sz.com所有电子文件须不超过1MB,最大边长不超过1000pixel,150dpi,RGB,JPG格式。

□ 作品提交填写时必须使用中文或英文提交,其他语言系统暂不支持。如不符合参赛规则和技术要求的作品将不会被接受。

□ 作品成功提交后将收到系统自动发出的通知。

□ 入围作品将于2018年8月30日后在海报节官网公布,同时组委会将通过邮件发送入围作品通知。入围设计师按邮件上的通知将入选海报文件和实物作品寄送至指定地址。

□ 作品标签及入围参赛表格将通过系统邮件方式送达,设计师自行打印参赛背签贴于作品背面右下角。参赛表格必须由参赛者本人亲笔签名,并随作品一同寄往组委会。

□ 参赛作品无需装裱。请妥善包装以免造成运送中作品损害。所有参赛作品必须以“无商业价值印刷品”的形式寄达。送件者请自付作品运送费用,组委会将不接受任何在邮寄票证中写入商业标价的参赛作品。


□ 送件者作品若有侵犯抄袭或知识产权等相关争议或展出时造成法律纠纷,送件者需自负所有法律责任。