SIPF Tour Exhibition in USA

深圳国际海报节国际巡展 美国站   

SIPF Tour Exhibition in USA

Venue: Brown Center, MICA, Baltimore

Shenzhen International Poster Festival opened at 6 p.m. on February 16, 2018 at Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA). Samuel Hoi, President of the College; Brockett Horne, Dean of Graphic Design; and Chen Pingbo, Executive Chairman of SIPF attended the opening ceremony.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Samuel noted that as the only show of SIPF Tour Exhibition in the North American region, he was pleased to share with you works from different countries and regions around the world, including Korea, Germany, Poland and the United States. Maryland Institute College of Arts advocates global vision and academic diversity,while international exhibitions connect designers from around the world and share ideas with each other. Both seek the same thing. He hoped that in the future both sides could have extensive cooperation and exchanges.

The works of the exhibition include: Shenzhen International Poster Festival 2016 competition award winning works and selected works from Chinese designer.



展览地址:美国巴尔的摩市 · 马里兰艺术学院Brown Center

深圳国际海报节国际巡展美国站于2018年2月16日下午6点在马里兰艺术学院Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA)揭开帷幕。学院校长Samuel Hoi、平面设计系主任Brockett Horne、深圳国际海报节执行主席陈平波先生出席了开幕仪式。