2018SIPF Global Tour Exhibition Seoul Stop

第三届深圳国际海报节国际巡展 首尔站   

SIPF Tour Exhibition in Seoul 

Venue: Namseoul University Art Center Gallery Lang 90-18, Hyehwadong, Jongogu, Seoul, Korea

“Design Discovery” is the general outline of the 3rd Shenzhen International Poster Festival, focusing on innovative works. It aims to discover works that are both excellent in terms of aesthetics and innovation, and to the connotation, concept and practical effects of the work, as to present the latest design concepts and outstanding results in the field of visual communication around the world. The main exhibition of 2018SIPF in Shenzhen Guan shanyue Art Museum ended on November 11th. At the invitation of ADCK Asia-China Design Association, 2018SIPF will start its tour exhibition as the first stop in South Seoul University in Korea.

This exhibition is based on the poster to present the development and achievements of poster design in different cultures background of the world. It explores the contemporary value of Eastern and Western cultures and the design of traditional culture. Through the form of design, it explores the differences between different cultures and forms a dialogue. It is hoped that through the exhibition, the design understanding, cooperation and exchanges between China and South Korea will be further deepened, and the diversified integration and development of world culture will be promoted.

深圳国际海报节国际巡展 深圳龙岗