SIPF Tour Exhibition in Poznań, Poland.

深圳国际海报节国际巡展 波兰波兹南站   

SIPF Tour Exhibition in Poznań, Poland.

Venue: Poznań University of Art

Shenzhen International Poster Festival Tour Exhibition at Poznan University of Art was opened on October 20, 2017. The opening ceremony was hosted by Dr. Mateusz, Vice President of the Poznań University of the Arts(UAP). Professor Eugeniusz, local artists, representatives of Chinese students, as well as Delegation of Shenzhen Poster Design Association attended the opening.

Chairman Chen Pingbo gave a lecture entitiled "POSTER DESIGN IN CHINA". He introduced in detail to Shenzhen International Poster Festival and the results achieved, he also answered various questions raised by students and designers of the collage.

深圳国际海报节国际巡展   波兰波兹南站



陈平波先生受邀在波兹南艺术大学做题为《POSTER DESIGN IN CHINA》专题设计讲座,详细介绍了深圳国际海报节的举办情况和取得的成绩,并一一解答了现场设计师提出的各类问题。